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Mosaix's Deep Semantic Search engine analyzes the queries to understand user's intent and delivers the final results.

It also provides more accurate and personalized results by generating multiple answer choices and learn from user's selections. To achieve it, a device id and user id are required.

Device-Id (*)

 `Device-Id` is an unique id from terminal such as phone / pc / smart speaker / smart TV / connected cars / IoT.

Id (*)

 This is a unique user id generated by Mosaix's API server. To get this unique user id, 
 client should send a POST request with end user's email to `/v1/endUser`.

Create End User

Create an end user with the email address, get the end user id in return.

POST /v1/endUser

  email: string, // required
  spotifyToken: string // optional

example response:

    "id": "string", // End-User-Id, please save this id
    "email": "string",
    "spotifyToken": "string",
    "clientId": "string"


Make sure to keep spotifyToken update to date

PUT /v1/endUser/${id}

  spotifyToken: string // optional


GET /v1/endUser/${id}

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